Friday, January 10, 2014

Announcing Fly-Carpin's 2014 Carp Fly Swap

WE ARE FULL AT 5:04 Mountain Time!!!!!

The third annual Fly-Carpin Carp Fly Swap is a go.  We are going to have 40 participants this year.  I already signed up 27 on the down-low, so the next 13 people to email me at mctage at yahoo dot com are IN.  You could also use this form.

Before I get into details lets tell a story.  Very early last spring Barry Reynolds found a group of very large carp laid up at a local still-water.  You know, the kind that are just sitting around miserably cold and that won't eat anything?  Well they wouldn't eat anything. Not, that is, until he remembered from swaps past that eggs are reputed to be good for passive carp.   As a last ditch effort he started wind-drifting his copy of Medina's Huevos de la Muerte from last years swap and promptly landed a 37lb common carp.  Not only was that his personal best, it may be the biggest scale-verified carp I know of on a fly.  On a swap fly actually!

Medina's Heuvos de la Muerte
Back to the details - The only significant differences from last year's swap is that I am going to limit it so that each tier will send only one pattern in multiples of 10.  Or in other words 10, 20, 30 or 40 copies of a single pattern instead of any number they want of any number of different patterns.  Limiting rules suck but I had to.

  1. Email me your intention to participate at mctage at yahoo dot com or with the form at this link.
  2. Mail me a 10, 20, 30 or 40 copies of your carp fly.  You will get roughly the same number of flies back that you send.  Due Feb 15th!!!  Please do not send 30 or 40 unless that is going to be fun for you. This is for fun, not to be miserable.
  3. I will send out my address in an email.  Please Include your return address with your package or via email!!!!
  4. At your discretion include materials lists, instructions, how to fish it, about you, website links, credit due etc.  
  5. If you earn or supplement your income in some way related to fly fishing for carp feel free to include promotional literature or cards (within reason) and I will include it in the return packages.
  6. There is no requirement that these are unique flies.  What is and is not a unique fly is a murky subject but I will be highlighting your flies on my website, so try and give credit where due if applicable so that I don’t get nasty-grams or lose possible carpin buddies.  If you are not sure if your fly is a dead ringer, a variant or truly unique just ask and we can decide together.  I will communicate with you directly and negotiate if I feel we need to give credit.
  7. If your fly is unique and you would like to submit it to CATCH Fly Fishing, send two extra's and I will forward them on.  I will just be forwarding the flies and the participants contact information - Whether CATCH is interested in your pattern and everything after that is none of my business.
WHAT I WILL DO (With some help from Dan Frasier at CarpPro)
  1. I will take pictures of each pattern and compile a summary page on Fly-Carpin along with whatever information you provide.
  2. The summary page will include links or plugs to participant’s fly fishing for carp related websites and businesses where applicable. 
  3. I will forward all the pictures, supplemental information and contact info to CarpPro for possible inclusion in their magazine.  
  4. I will forward extra flies to CATCH at participants request.
  5. I will sort the flies and mail back packages by March 15th. 
  6. The packages will vary randomly.  I will work hard to kype all the good stuff be fair.
  7. In order to make this as easy and fun as possible I will cover shipping costs back first class. 
  8. I will make a half-arsed effort to get the participants some free stuff.  
Current Participant List: (I will continuously update)
  1. Barry Reynolds (BT2 Productions)
  2. Brent Wilson (Uprising)
  3. Chris Galvin (Facebook
  4. Chris Vargo (
  5. Dan Frasier (CarpPro)
  6. Dave Litten (AnglersAll
  7. David Wratchford 
  8. Erin Block (Mysteries Internal)
  9. Jay Zimmerman (Colorado Fly Fishing Reports)
  10. John Montana (Carp on The Fly
  11. Wendy Berrel (Fishing and Thinking in Minnesota
  12. McTage 
  13. Mike Medina 
  14. Miles Christmas (Instagram
  15. Mr P (Got Backing)
  16. Pat Cohen (rusuperfly)
  17. Roughfisher (
  18. Scott Wells (Reel Fish Ink)
  19. Steve Martinez (Indigo Fly Fishing)
  20. Ty Clifton  
  21. Ty Goodwin (Carp Afficionado)
  22. Mark Erdosy (This River is Wild)
  23. Gregg Martin (CATCH)
  24. Adam Hope (This River is Wild
  25. Kevin Morlock (Indigo Fly Fishing)
  26. Ben Muraski 
  27. Zach Janssen
  28. Luke Annear (Young Man and the Stream)
  29. Matus Sobolic
  30. Treavor Hackenberg (TCO Fly Shops)
  31. Luke Bever 
  32. Chase Harmon
  33. Mario Garza 
  34. Travis Hammond
  35. Danny Scarborough
  36. Robert Uphsall
  37. Austin Adduci (Grab Your Fly Charters)
  38. Levi Meetz
  39. Josh Rinehart
  40. Chance Gallant


  1. Hello Trev.

    Just wondered about Barry's carp. Was the egg fished sub-surface, or on the top. It looks like it could float?

    1. Sub-Surface. These sink super slow - which seems to be part of why they work in some situations. Now, they will float for a bit if tied on light enough wire and fluffy enough and I know of several people who have caught carp on floating eggs.

  2. Dammit! I'm late... again. Maybe next year I could participate.

    1. Sorry Jorge. On several occasions it even occurred to me to contact you and give a friendly heads up - but then on several occasions I forgot.

    2. Thanks for your good intentions, but please, keep me in mind for next year! ;-P

  3. You don't have to convince me of the power of the egg. But 37lb.! Hard to comprehend-I imagine it would be a fly rod record, imagine it in August.



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