Wednesday, July 17, 2013

News and Stuff

I have a couple of things to show you.  First off, the latest issue of CarpPro is out and includes an article I wrote about the CarpPro Gaper hooks.  Usually when I get asked to review a product it is not a fun experience, but I was pumped to write this article because I really do love the Gaper hooks.

Secondly we have a winner in the Instagram #gnarlyfishinghat contest.  Congratulations to freestateflyangler.  His hat was pretty disgusting but his story was even better!

Per freestateflyangler:
"sweat stained from hours on the water, scuffed up and torn in several spots where my German shepherd had bitten and scratched with his paws in a successful effort to dig and pull me out of the mud and silt and save me from drowning when a huge section of bank that I was on above a deep section of water gave way tumbling myself and the mass of dirt within the depths of the river, proceeding to suck me under with no footing until my dog scratched his way down to me and biting and pulling at my clothing until I could reach solid roots with my hands and pull myself to solid ground."

And finally, I have been keeping pretty detailed track of how many carp I have caught by body or water, month and fly since 2011.  I thought you all might be interested in this chart.  Double-Click to enlarge:

Naturally there is a bit of a chicken and the egg situation here.  I catch a ton of carp on the Leather Trouser Worm because it is a good fly but also because I am confident in it and tie it on.  Allot!


  1. That was interesting! I have comments. I jave at least 2 hats sweated out so much that a rip in front would leave me with a familiar looking birth mark if I wore them but I have no instagram account. Confidence in a fly is so important,true, but that is absolutely dependant on your home water I believe. You would not want to see my chart in flies or pathetic # of fish caught. You and many others have caught in one year more than I ever have. And of course the new issue of CarpPro is always due for celebration.


    1. we all are on a sliding scale depending upon opportunity Gregg. The Columbia guys catch about a bazillion more carp than I do...opportunity. Well, some skill too :)


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