Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gnarliest Instagram Fishing Hat?

I recently joined Instagram.  Word on the streets was that the Fly Fishing for Carp Revolution is strong on Instagram.  It is the truth!  There is much much more fly fishing for carp content on Instagram than Twitter and it is much much easier to find than on Facebook.

Now, Fly-Carpin is as much a celebration of the online carp cultural revolution as it is a spot for reports and how-to.  In order to celebrate what is going on at Instagram I have done two things.

First I have teamed up with CarpPro and Trouts Fly Fishing to put on a little photo contest for the gnarliest fishing hat.  Go here for details:

The loot is going to be pretty sweet for such a silly little contest.  Winner will get some CarpPro Gaper hooks, some carp flies tied by me AND a new Trouts Fly Fishing trucker hat to replace that nasty lid with.

The Loot!

Any pics of hats posted with the hashtag #gnarlyfishinghat and/or #gnarlyfishinghatcontest by midnight July 16th are eligible.  No need to like such and such or this guy or the other.  That is not the point.  Just post a pic of your fishing hat for fun!

Here are the hats that have been posted to #gnarlyfishinghat so far (updates whenever you come to this page):

Secondly I have added a new filtered feed to the side-bar (called "InstaLips") of Fly-Carpin that shows recent posts to Instagram with the hashtag #carponthefly.  Sooooooo.....if you are on Instagram and want your pics to show up on Fly-Carpin be sure and use that hashtag.

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