Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stolen Moments

As you may know in the early season the daily high is probably fourth or fifth on my list of important weather patterns.  I believe that the overnight low temp, a somewhat stable weather pattern (preferably a slowly warming trend) and good sunlight are all slightly more important.

Well, starting on Thursday we started a four or five day stretch that was probably the best match for what I am looking for yet this year.  I was supposed to fish all day Friday but a 24 hour stomach Flu put the kibosh on that.  I tried to man up.  I really did, but after several hours wandering aimlessly and deliriously I gave up went home and slept nearly 17 hours straight.

I honestly can't remember - Is the photo before or after I caught this carp?

Fortunately in the past year and a half I have gotten much more effective at hooking up in quick outings.  The key of course is throwing your pride under the bus and chasing cute little pond carp and that is what I did - every time I got the chance this weekend.

Biggest carp of the weekend.  Yeah, you read me right.

Thars Gold in Them Thar Ponds!

Same shot zoomed in.  Juvenile pond carp are often VERY lightly and brightly colored

In fits, starts and stolen moments I managed to have a pretty good several days in the end.  The carp I caught were small but man did I have some just incredible takes!

The most valuable fly, by far, was John Montana's Hybrid.


This little fella moved THREE feet on a Hybrid.  Down the Chute!

This wasn't even the carp I was casting at!  He came out of nowhere to hammer the Hybrid.

I have not put it in front of any South Platte carp yet but the pond carp around here LOVE this fly tied on a size 8 Scorpion Gaper.

And speaking of the DSP, it is hard to completely ignore my beloved river at any time of year.  Unfortunately, this year it has been a royal pain due to low flows and sedimentation but I did manage this mutant in limited action on a Leather Trouser Worm.  This is the second time I have caught a smushed-face DSP carp.  Or is this just an extreme manifestation of the Angelina Jolie lip theorem?

My only river carp this weekend.  Mutant or further proof of the Angelina Jolie Theorem?
This time I know for sure.  This was a picture of the lip less carp above BEFORE I caught it!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fly Fishing Classes with Mike Medina

Fellow carper Mike Medina is teaching a series of fly fishing seminars through the Wheat Ridge recreation center this summer.  From their catalog:
"Come join us for a 2 day fly-fishing clinic at either Sloan’s Lake or Arbor Lake! This program is designed for beginners to intermediates who are looking for a challenge and lots of line ripping action. You will learn how to sight, approach, cast and land many different fish, carp mainly"
I don't call him Mike "Carpio" Medina for nothing people so if you are in that "beginner to intermediate" range and want to learn how to catch carp on the fly you should jump on this!

For more information go to the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center Spring / Summer 2013 catalog, page 56

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Primordial Carp-Stew Tying Video

I finally finished a Primordial Carp-Stew tying video.  

This video goes well with an older one where I documented the under-water action of the Carp-Stew: 

The Carp-Stew was my second most productive pattern for the last two years.  It is not the fastest fly to tie but it sure is pretty, looks cool under-water and catches carp!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Vegas Baby

I was in Vegas last week for a poker tournament.  Unfortunately my tournament ended early when my A-K lost to A-10.

Day 1 - When I was probably among the chip leaders for about 20 minutes
Fortunately my wife and I had a wonderful time and I even found the time to go on a four hour Vegas carp quest.  What I learned:

1)  I would have to be a total a-hole to hot-spot somebodies carp-hole ...BUT... I will say there is at least one body of water in the Vegas metro area with a very healthy and accessible population of carp.  
2)  Don't forget to set your alarm.  It is critical that you get your fishing done during business hours.  There are allot of people in Vegas who like to fish and not many fishing holes. 
3)  Don't forget your fishing license.  There are at least two game wardens in Vegas and not many quota holes. 
4)  Don't forget your bread flies and / or egg patterns.  There are allot of people in Vegas who like to feed the ducks and not many duck holes.
5)  Don't forget your patience.  Between the heavy pressure and wonder-bread diet these carp are TOUGH!  And yes, I did rather lamely run out of hole references.
6)  If nearly domesticated but also paranoid carp are not your speed make the time to get to Lake Mead instead.  

Now, concerning item 6.  I did not have time to take a shot at Lake Mead with my fly rod on this trip.  I did visit the Hoover Dam with my wife Thursday morning and we even took a helicopter ride above it.  I highly recommend it.  Not only is the Hoover Dam a marvel of early 20th century engineering but there were hundreds if not thousands of 20lb class carp clooping in the scum-lines behind the dam.  Since the TSA, FBI, CIA or SEC (Somebody Equally Scary) would probably eliminate you from the gene pool on the spot the second you pulled out a fly-rod on top of the dam there is absolutely nothing you can do about these carp but it was a gas to watch.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Carp Fly Fishing Guides - Texas

You are viewing Texas carp fly fishing guides. Return to the guide directory map to select a different state.

Location: Houston, Texas
Waters: Lake Houston, Lake Conroe, Houston Bayous
Other Species Bass, Sunfish
About: "Guided fly fishing trips in the Houston area for carp, bass, sunfish. Also white bass and crappie January through march during the spring spawn.  I offer great learning/catching/beginner trips for bass and sunfish on the creeks of Lake Houston and  for those looking to fine tune their skills sight fishing for the elusive common and grass carp in the urban Houston bayous and Lake Conroe flats. "

Location: Hye, Texas
FacebookPedernales River Outfitters
Waters: Pedernales river
Other Species Largemouth bass, Guadeloupe bass, Rio Grande perch, and various panfish.
About: "The Pedernales River of the Texas Hill Country offers a unique opportunity to sight cast to large (5-15+lbs) fish regularly.  One hundred miles long with rod-breaking, tippet-snapping rocket-ships behind every rock and nary a soul in sight! But don't let the numbers of fish fool you. You will need every ounce of skill you possess!"

Location: Denton, Texas
WatersLake Ray Roberts
Other Species Largemouth bass
About: "I think I have a unique approach to fly fishing in North Texas. I do walk in trips on the flats of Lake Ray Roberts, and Lewisville Lake if water levels permit. As the person who keeps Texas Fly Caster running, I also hit hot spots as they come up – guerilla style. You could book me on a moment’s notice for things like palmetto bass in the Trinity River, or adventures to smaller, less populated lakes and ponds – all over Texas."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In Case of Emergency Break Glass

My beautiful wife and I are in Vegas to play in the "World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League Championships" this week.  Quite a mouth-full, I just hope we last longer than the title.  

If I should find myself exiting early I have a backup plan though:

The Bare Minimum Carp Kit

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Carp Fly Fishing Guides - Illinois

You are viewing Illinois carp fly fishing guides. Return to the guide directory map to select a different state.

Location:  Chicago, IL
Waters:  Lake Michigan (far southern end and Beaver Island), Kankakee River
Other Species: Coho salmon, Lake run Browns, Smallmouth bass, Steelhead, King salmon, and Lake Trout.
About: "Grab Your Fly Charters is the only fly fishing guide service in the Chicago land area. We are extremely proud of our untouched carp fishery on the South end of Lake Michigan. Grab Your Fly Charters covers 7 different species of fish from March through November on two different bodies of water. "