Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fly Fishing Classes with Mike Medina

Fellow carper Mike Medina is teaching a series of fly fishing seminars through the Wheat Ridge recreation center this summer.  From their catalog:
"Come join us for a 2 day fly-fishing clinic at either Sloan’s Lake or Arbor Lake! This program is designed for beginners to intermediates who are looking for a challenge and lots of line ripping action. You will learn how to sight, approach, cast and land many different fish, carp mainly"
I don't call him Mike "Carpio" Medina for nothing people so if you are in that "beginner to intermediate" range and want to learn how to catch carp on the fly you should jump on this!

For more information go to the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center Spring / Summer 2013 catalog, page 56


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  2. To get more fish, take a stab at chumming. Chumming is where you toss "mate" into the water region you are fishing to draw in finder