Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Carp Fly Fishing Twitter-Stank

Twitter is an enigma to me.  That in me which loves chaos (the slob) revels in the chaotic flow of information on Twitter.  Unfortunately that in me which demands order (the engineer) fears it to the point where I ultimately find using Twitter uncomfortable and confusing.

In order to start to meaningfully interact with the fly fishing for carp crowd on Twitter I need something that controls the chaos a little. Enter Twitter-Stank which will filter Twitter for carp fly fishing content. Hopefully it will help me (and fans of the blog) get past the information overload such that I can actually get to the carp on the fly stuff and enjoy Twitter a little.

To know what I am talking about look for the item that looks like the picture in this post called "Twitter-Stank" on the side-bar.  To start it will be using the following search setup, but if anybody has any hashtags or search terms feel free to drop me a line.  Or a Tweet!

"goldenghost" OR 
"carponthefly” OR 
"Fly Fishing For Carp” OR 
“Carp On The Fly” OR 
“flyfishingforcarp” OR 
“carp flies” OR 
“carpflies” OR 
“carp fly fishing” OR 
“fly fishing carp” OR 
“carp on flies” OR
 “carponflies” OR
 “carp fly fishing” OR 
“goldenbonefish” OR
 “fly for carp” OR
 “carp fly rod” OR
 “flies for carp” OR
 “carp on a fly” OR
 “flycarpin”  OR
 “carp” and “fly” and “fishing” 

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  1. Interesting. I wonder why none of my tweets show up in your feed? Maybe its because all my tweets are linked to my instagram feed. Oh technology...


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