Monday, February 25, 2013

CarpPro Issue 2

CarpPro's second issue is out and includes a full layout on the fly-swap.  This article was a ton of extra work by Dan Frasier and it turned out great!  Seeing all the awesome flies in the article was fun, but for me personally what was really cool is that CarpPro went out and got a picture and short bio for everybody who participated in the article.  I really enjoyed learning a little more about so many of the participants!

For those in the swap who received a copy of Will Rice's Blue Monkey - Be sure and get to his section of the article (page 75) because he is offering a bounty on his fly with a mysterious reward.  How do you know if you got a Blue Monkey?  If you got one of Will's flies it will be in a separate baggie with a Trout's carp sticker.  Don't worry, you still got a Trout's sticker with or without the fly. 

The next logical question will be, can people who did NOT get a blue monkey in their swap package (or even participate in the swap altogether) get in on the bounty by tying up a Blue Monkey on their own?  I will have to find out.  Particularly since I did not get one myself!


  1. Kicking myself for not joining this swap- well done sir.

  2. Friggin awesome! I hope I got a blue monkey.

  3. Well, it must be one fish catcher, it sure looks like one. This was an awesome swap! Much thanks to you McTage, the donators, all of the participants, not the least carppro.


  4. The goodies showed up today! All of the flies I got are very nice and should produce for me in my home waters. I see a trip to the TB hole in the near future for some field testing. Thanks again!

  5. I bet I can catch the first redfish on the Blue Monkey! haha. Thanks again Trevor for putting the awesomeness together!

  6. Nice looking bunch of flies! Hope all is well and let the 2013 Carp action begin!


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