Monday, February 25, 2013

CarpPro Issue 2

CarpPro's second issue is out and includes a full layout on the fly-swap.  This article was a ton of extra work by Dan Frasier and it turned out great!  Seeing all the awesome flies in the article was fun, but for me personally what was really cool is that CarpPro went out and got a picture and short bio for everybody who participated in the article.  I really enjoyed learning a little more about so many of the participants!

For those in the swap who received a copy of Will Rice's Blue Monkey - Be sure and get to his section of the article (page 75) because he is offering a bounty on his fly with a mysterious reward.  How do you know if you got a Blue Monkey?  If you got one of Will's flies it will be in a separate baggie with a Trout's carp sticker.  Don't worry, you still got a Trout's sticker with or without the fly. 

The next logical question will be, can people who did NOT get a blue monkey in their swap package (or even participate in the swap altogether) get in on the bounty by tying up a Blue Monkey on their own?  I will have to find out.  Particularly since I did not get one myself!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Carp Fly Fishing Twitter-Stank

Twitter is an enigma to me.  That in me which loves chaos (the slob) revels in the chaotic flow of information on Twitter.  Unfortunately that in me which demands order (the engineer) fears it to the point where I ultimately find using Twitter uncomfortable and confusing.

In order to start to meaningfully interact with the fly fishing for carp crowd on Twitter I need something that controls the chaos a little. Enter Twitter-Stank which will filter Twitter for carp fly fishing content. Hopefully it will help me (and fans of the blog) get past the information overload such that I can actually get to the carp on the fly stuff and enjoy Twitter a little.

To know what I am talking about look for the item that looks like the picture in this post called "Twitter-Stank" on the side-bar.  To start it will be using the following search setup, but if anybody has any hashtags or search terms feel free to drop me a line.  Or a Tweet!

"goldenghost" OR 
"carponthefly” OR 
"Fly Fishing For Carp” OR 
“Carp On The Fly” OR 
“flyfishingforcarp” OR 
“carp flies” OR 
“carpflies” OR 
“carp fly fishing” OR 
“fly fishing carp” OR 
“carp on flies” OR
 “carponflies” OR
 “carp fly fishing” OR 
“goldenbonefish” OR
 “fly for carp” OR
 “carp fly rod” OR
 “flies for carp” OR
 “carp on a fly” OR
 “flycarpin”  OR
 “carp” and “fly” and “fishing” 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stinky Trout?

Carp bashing on the Internet has been hot fun lately.  For an example, and frankly a good laugh check out the comments here and here.

Hey man, some people don't dig carp, I get that.  I am even cool with it, more room for me at my local hot-spots.

I would, however, argue that most peoples issues with carp are irrational, untrue and derive from nothing more profound than our grand-pappie's palates.  Now, I honestly see no point in taking the whole discussion personally and there is no bigger waste of time than arguing with small minded people on the Internet.  On the other hand, otherwise open-minded folk might get the wrong idea from these on-line "conversations" and that would be a shame.  Therefore, I would like to address the stupidest of these arguments and that is that carp stink.  The idea is so ridiculous and lacking in fact that it is easily disproved.

You see, we are lucky enough to have both carp and a few invasive trash-fish rainbow and brown trout in my local carp river.  Honestly, I hate that term "trash fish" and use it here only for shock value, but all three species are invasive and the trout have no more "native" claim than the carp.

The point is that this overlap of invasive species gives me the occasional opportunity to do a back to back sniff test which is exactly what I did about a year and a half ago.  First the trout:


In a stunning development the trout smelled neither of roses nor potpourri. As a matter of fact the trout smelled just like slightly urbanized river water.  

Next the Carp:

Wouldn't you know it, the carp smelled neither of raw sewage nor rotting flesh.  Instead it smelled exactly like the trout.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lest We Take Ourselves Too Seriously

To say the least I was a little shocked to receive this submission for this years fly swap.  Not sure what the tier was thinking here.  The proportions are all off, it is clearly going to ride hook-down and I will be damned if it won't float. 

Additionally it smells strongly of dog breath, which probably qualifies as scenting.

Simon's Bok-Bok
Rubber Chicken FlySubmitted By: Simon da Dog
State: Colorado
    Hook:  Yes
    Thread:  Yes
    Body:  One well loved rubber chicken. 

Well said Simon, Well said.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Buried in Loot!

We have had several exciting new arrivals since the last swap post.  For a start we received this beautiful little fly:

Except of course you saw immediately that that is NOT a fly.  Nice.  Way to pay attention and stay sharp!  Instead Orvis generously donated 30 fly boxes to support the swap.  

Beyond the obvious truth that everybody loves free stuff, the containers were the only fail in last years swap.  For Orvis to step up like this is a huge improvement and further indication of Orvis' strong interest in the carpin community.

I am pumped because now the swap flies will be immune to all but the most brutal postal abuse and even have an official home in everyone's packs if they so desire!

I also received stickers for all the swappers.  If you are looking to up your fly tying game this is a site you really need to check out because they are hell-bent on putting out the most comprehensive fly-tying video vault on the web.  In case you don't know they are big into carp there, and their video vault already includes several popular carp flies.

Of course this is a fly swap and fortunately some sweet flies also arrived since the last post.  In no particular order:

Ty Clifton

Austin Anderson

Bill Henry

John Montana