Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Swap Submissions

The fly swap submissions are flowing in steadily now.  Here are couple more.

The first couple are from Josh Rinehart in Texas.  He uses these completely un-weighted patterns for super shallow Texas reservoir carp.  Evidently he needs flies that land as lightly as possible with a nearly neutral buoyancy to stay out of shallow weed-beds.  These remind me in principle of the un-weighted black leach patterns my friend Mike Medina uses to deadly effect for similar reasons.  

Josh Rinehart's Soft-Shoe Carp Fly 

It must be obvious that graft and corruption rule this swap because Josh sent in some extra flies for "testing" as well.  A McLuvin variant he calls the Roo:

Meanwhile Kevin Frank from the blog Feather Chucker sent in a fly that he calls the DamCraw.  He was going for a hybrid between a dragon fly nymph and crayfish when he worked this one up.  It has a very heavily and dubbed body that is soft and squishy with marabou tail and collar.  The dubbing he is using is some sweet custom stuff from

Kevin Frank's DamCraw


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  2. Like that soft-shoe fly from Josh. Those would probably work well on the reservoir carp here.

  3. Oh boy! Who doesn't like fly peep shows! This year, smaller and lighter, especially in one pond, is my key word. This look sweet for there!


    1. That seems to be my overall trend in life as well Gregg.

  4. Yours are in too. SUPER sweet man. Just gotta get some pics done and will show them off too.

  5. The unweighted stuff fascinates me. All kinds of good apps for that around here. I just never try it. It would work.


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