Sunday, January 27, 2013

Endless Swap Assault

I keep wondering when the endless assault of swap posts will be just too much.  On the other hand all comment feedback seems to say; "Keep It Coming!"

The first package I received this weekend was from Mark Vibber at the blog Tie & Flie.  He calls this fly the Carpsicle and you can get the dirty details on this fly, his experience with the Suncor oil spill and the Denver South Platte by following this link to an excellent blog post.

Mark Vibber's Carpsicle
Matt Pike who is on the Catch Fly Fishing carp fly design team and blogs at Big Fish Fly Shop sent in not one but three different flies in sets of 10!

Matt has been living out a public fascination with egg-yarn on the CarpPro forum ever since Gregg introduced many of us to egg patterns for carp last year.  I like his thought process allot which has moved beyond just eggs and started to treat egg yarn as another possible material in all kinds of patterns.  The first of which is his Egg Bitters.  Apparently he has developed a complicated relationship with egg-yarn.  You can get a feel for this love-hate-love triangle at the link above but the fact that he took the time to make the following should give you some idea:

And the Egg Bitters themselves:

And finally Matt sent in this fly which he calls the Yiman which has more of a meat pattern feel to it.  As the oddly terrifying dude from Sweet Genius would say - "That is dense... that is nice"


  1. Those all look good. I really like the egg bitters.

  2. Those flies are for real! Carp are doomed, well, they are going to have to process more anyway. This is just sweet!


  3. Man, you've got it going on with this swap thing. Good job and interesting carp offerings.

    1. Thanks Barry. More to follow. Much much more to follow.

  4. I am scared of the sweet genius guy. Really.


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