Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Natural Habitat"

Neither my wife nor our goldfish is buying my lame excuses anymore.

Well, Bobert had his revenge in the end.  Torture.


  1. McTage,

    Aquariums and wild fish are a passion of mine-one of many I guess. I don't know about your tiny koi, (check for barbels,) but fathead minnows in my 10 gallon tank go nuerotic, seriously insane, if there are not more than 2 as they are a schooling fish. Your pal may need a buddy to bitch to in his lanquage.


    1. No, its a goldfish. And believe me we want less not more fish! Didn'T you have a common in the tank at one point?

    2. I sure did, bottomless pit of hunger, but entertaining. He knew who was safe, such as grandkids, (who delighted feeding him,) and strangers to be wary of. Yes, that carp grew from 1 1/2" to 13" in less than a year.



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