Saturday, April 14, 2012

Carp Slam 6 Early Registration

Carp Slam LogoEarly registration for Carp Slam 6 is open!  They are giving an early bird discount and I am predicting it will sell out in a blink of an eye this year.  My check went in the mail today.

The Carp Slam is an amazing event.  It has turned into a significant cultural event for the fly fishing for carp sub-culture in Denver and is starting to draw carpers from all across the country.  This year the word on the streets is that the carperati could be nearly 100% represented in the pro category.  Of course the Slam is about more than an excuse for a bunch of stanky carpers to gather and much more than a competition.  The Slam also raises substantial funds being used to improve the DSP.

So off your jocks and onto your socks, there are only 15 amateur spots and they will go fast.  I hear the reigning amateur champ is hot stuff, it could take all 14 of you chumps to take him down.

Carp Slam V Champions


  1. I read that old post, before I knew you but I had read of it earlier and was heartened such a thing existed. Far more than the carp tourneys I'm used to. I see amateur and pro categories, like I told you, it is a valid question to ask, "Now what would so and so do?" That is a really needed shot in the arm for the DSP, really cool, but this carper could never afford it, way out of my financial league.

    Good for the DSP. Gregg

  2. Putting my registration in the mail tomorrow. Looking forward to being one of those 14 chumps. Bring it! In all seriousness, really excited about making a commitment to participate in my first Carp Slam this year.

  3. The carperati still cracks me up...

  4. McTage, you are in the drivers seat. Go for the "repeat".


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