Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 DTU Pro-Am Carp-Slam Champions!

Yesterday Clint Packo and I won the DTU Pro-Am Carp-Slam championship with 5 carp totaling something around 110".  What a rush! 

After a long day fishing and quite a bit more alcohol than I have consumed in a long long time (years possibly) I am way too tired to give a full recap.  I will get around to it sometime this week but wanted to at least get the news out.  Here are some initial thoughts:
  • Clint caught 3 and I caught 2 which means it was a team effort and that made it all the sweeter!      
  • The Trouser Worm was very productive with something on the order of 10 hook-ups and was clearly the MVF (most valuable fly).   Saying it was the fly that won it would be silly because that is not how fly fishing for carp really works.   Nevertheless it is a great fly and definitely helped.  That felt good.   Really good!
  • Clint can present a fly like nobody I have ever fished with.  On one particular presentation he threw a 60 foot single handed spey cast to feed a tailing carp mid-river.  The placement, the drift, the action he put on the fly and the take were all absolutely picture perfect.  It was the most beautiful fishing moment I have ever witnessed.  We didn't even land that fish but I don't care.  It was art pure and simple. 
  • Our controller Darrin Ochsner was awesome.  We ran him absolutely ragged in 95F heat and the smile never once left his face. 
  • DTU and the sponsors have taken this whole tournament to a new level.  In case you are not aware, all of the proceeds go to benefit the South Platte.  What a great deal for the river that so many of us love, I am proud to have participated! 
  • Many thanks to my own supporters.  Our extended team was relatively small compared to some others but evidently supperior in Karma!


  1. Has anyone ever said you look good with a silver chalice in your hands?

  2. Congrats, that is an accomplishment for sure.

  3. Carp Glory. Very cool. Congrats!

  4. Congrats again!! Some nice carp mojo happening on Saturday!

  5. Have you had an epic year of carping or what, McTage? Friggin' awesome man. Congrats!

  6. your a Carp slinger..thats what they do.

    Seriously, nice work!

  7. Thanks folks. I am feeling pretty good about it.
    @JohnM - 4 days with you made me a much better carper. Seriously.
    @n.taylor - Not sure, I think I look like the walking dead in your picture.
    @Kev - It seems cheezy if you step back and look at it. Just a stupid tournament highlighting a frivolous pastime. I do feel like it was a heck of an acomplishment though!
    @John - Where you been hiding? Another carp blogger folks!!!!!! Not sure how I missed it looks like a good one!
    @Darrin - You rocked my man. Best controller ever!
    @Ty - It has been kinda crazy hasnt it...your t-shirt was a big hit with the other stench ridden carpers at a pre-party. Might be a couple of guys looking for one if they remember to google finewater after the alchohol induced haze.
    @Dave - Is that better or worse than a shit-slinger? Just wondering :)

  8. Congrats, looks like all those hours out on the Platte this Summer paid off for you!

  9. Thanks TD. Some of the intel you gave me about REI a while back was key, thanks! I will tell you about it next time we talk.

  10. well done McTage. congrats!


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