Monday, February 6, 2012

Fly Swap Progress

Alright, alright, alright.  Things are getting ready to get messy with the carp fly swap.  The Roughfisher's flies arrived today and I think we are ready to start sorting return packages.  If I thought I could (or would have a clue how to) snort carp crack I might because I am going to need some serious go-juice.

Roughfisher's Carp Crack Carp Fly
Roll the music, Carp Crack is in the house and we are ready to rock!
All the fly pictures are done and the summary page is too barring minor details. I have to tell you, the summary page was a load.  I think there are over 80 pictures?  It was a ton of work but I am really pleased with the end results and I think it does a good job of showing off and documenting all the great hard work the participants put into making these flies.  Anybody who wants me to tweak the text or links drop me a line but the pictures are what they are!

2012 Carp Fly Swap Line-Up
Just an awesome selection of carp flies.
In the end the most painful part of making that page may have been deciding on the order.  All these flies are worth taking a look at but can you picture putting Barry Reynolds or John Montana at the bottom of the page?  Me neither and they got top billing and I tried to mix it up a little from there.

Anybody curious about the black market value of 300 plus carp flies?  Yeah, me too.  We better not even play that game though, Zack's got a college fund and Daddy needs a new pair of wading boots.

Bidding will open at.....


  1. This was great! Please Dont make this the last one. I'd Love to be involved in another fly swap!

    thanks again!

  2. Yes me also! Thanks so much for the determination to complete this. This is VERY NEEDED material!


  3. awesome man...thanks for all the hard work....this has been one of my favorite swaps to date...

  4. Gregg and Eric - I dunno man. Maybe next winter. In about a month I plan on putting any spare energy not allocated to the fam into fishing.
    Pat - Thats really cool for you to say that. You probably get invited into allot of swaps.
    John - We will see after the tagging and sorting is done!


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