Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Carp Fly Swap - Deadline!

All you slackers without flies in my grubby little mitts are now OUT!  Just kidding of course.  Being a bit of a slacker myself I asked the magic 8 ball if all the flies would get here on time.  It said hell no, so I put in a little wiggle room on the schedule for slackers. 

We are actually in really good shape and have 17 out of 22 packages in and the rest are en-route.  Today we got in Austin Anderson, Chris Galvin and Barry Reynolds. 

All us Reynolds fans will be happy to know that he sent two sets of 10 and everybody will get one of his flies!  Really, if you think about it, he should have written books about rock and roll.  I mean, stinky smelly fly fishing for carp groupies from the 35 to 45 male demographic can't be what he pictured!
Tail Chaser and Barry Reynold's Carp Bitter Carp Flies
Tailchaser and Barry's Carp Bitter.  And yes, that is foam.  Very interesting. 
I haven't really been able to keep up with everything lately except making summaries, but in some other vaguely carp fly-swap related news:
  • Sean Hudson learned that the more people like your fly the more they seem to want to change it.  Just a funny thing.
  • Hide the women and children, the Legion of Doom is on it's way. I am almost glad they are a smidge late, because I am truly terrified.  Actually I really like the looks of this one and can't wait to get my hands on it...and change it. Just a funny thing.  
  • The swap has triggered a flood of creativity and artistry for Lonny Garris.
  • I can't be late with John Montana's package.  If he doesn't get something carp related in his hands soon he might not make it.
  • Speaking of not making it, I am pretty borderline myself.  Ty Goodwin had to go show off how good his submission is by breaking in January.  Show-off.
  • ThirdCoastFly made a fun post about the swap.  Massive (for me) traffic ensued.  Guess I am blind deaf and stupid because somehow three weeks ago I didn't even know about what is apparently one of the big-boy blogs with lots of fly fishing for carp content.
  • The Roughfisher's will likely be the last package in.  That's cool because, well, he is sending in a full set and basicly offering to get us all hooked on carp-crack.  Come to think of it, is that a good thing or a bad thing?


  1. This has been too cool, fun, enlightening, You are good man McTage.


  2. Freakin' Sweet! brother Im glad you invited me to join this! I am soooo Stoked!

  3. Can't believe I'm about to get a box stuffed with flies from this group. Epic swap, McTage.

  4. Gregg, John - Thanks fellas. Been fun for me too.
    Eric - The carp are literally gonna jump out of the water for you with these flies Eric.
    Ty - Heck Ty, your famous now. This group can't believe they are getting a fly from you!

  5. I wish I would have gotten in on this. Please post pictures of all the flies if you will- I want to steal some ideas. I'm planning on stalking some of those paleolithic Great Lakes carp come spring. Big sky, blue flats, big fish...mmmmm... carp.

  6. FR - Look in the tab at the top of the page named Fly Swap 2012. It is still missing a few, but there are all the pictures you could want!


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