Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Upper Denver South Platte To Get a Face-lift

With the recent desecration of the Denver South Platte it is good to get some good news about unrelated pro-active positive action.  It is official, the section of the DSP below Chatfield is to get a big face- lift that will significantly improve the ecosystem.  Congratulations to the Greenway Foundation, Denver Trout Unlimited and the various local and state agencies involved. 

One interesting aspect of this is that the original feasibility study was paid for by Denver Trout Unlimited using funds from the Carp Slam.  About six years ago DTU formed an unholy alliance with the carp and fly-carpers in their backyard and good things have happened ever since.  For those that adhere to the carp spirits this is no coincidence. 

This presentation detailing the enhancement plan is fascinating and informative.  Amazing really.


  1. McTage,

    I read the plan, all well and good. Our chapter here has done similar things but not on this grand scale. And I don't think I'm mistaken that if the work were to go to aid carp and other course fish it might not get funded. Bully for the DSP!


  2. Yes, of course everything is sold on a Trout basis but I can tell you that the carp in that section will take full advantage! All the best carp sections in the DSP that are not below a cofer dam of some kind have a channel profile simmilar to what they are describing.

  3. Boy, does this look good. I've fished the Blue in Breckenridge. the Steps section is certainly not wild-looking like these photos, but still was a great solution, I thought. Here in L.A., we continue to wait on the cash to get the Corps study finished. Glad my hair's already gray! -- Jim


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