Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mr P's First Fly Fishing For Carp How-To Video

Mr P has posted his first fly fishing for carp how-to video from his "Lessons From The Carp Lodge" series.  Really cool and he has worked hard on this.  What I particularly like is that it highlights some tight-quarters methods. 

Too much stuff on the Internet about fly fishing for carp focuses on glory crap.  You know, young and tanned dude-brahs dressed like they just slipped tripped and fell of a Bahamian island somewhere bombing 60 foot casts semi-blind to uber aggressive tailing carp that find and hammer the fly as it is stripped back in.  Don't get me wrong, I fish at range with an active fly whenever I can and aspire to dude-brahedness but at least in these parts, most of the time it just doesn't go down like that.

As a total bonus Mr P is hilarious.  When I get the chance I am gonna tell my wife I am excited to spawn.  Not sure if she will get the joke though.


  1. When you come out this year Jim will join us for at least a day. He and I talked about that Sunday. He wants to fish with you...

  2. John - That would be great!
    Ty - Speaking of outstanding, I need to get ahold of you. My finewater carp shirt is slowly turning off-white from extreme over-use. Any extras lying around?

  3. Yep, still got a few of those shirts left. I'll get one headed your way. I think I still have your email with your address. If not, I'll shoot you an email.


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