Friday, June 3, 2011

Algae-Scum-Green With Jealousy

My carpin buddy Miles from MI sent me this today -

"Finally off the schnide with a good fish...Rust colored crazy carper...I wish I would have had the 8 wt as he got very near the backing a couple of times on the 5 and took me into some sparse lily pads in about 7 or 8 feet of water where I thought it would be unworthy knot held!"

Odds are low of me getting out for some carp this weekend, I am algae-scum-green with jealousy.

This is an awesome lake he got this fish out of.  Miles is a really nice guy, he would probably give up the spot to anybody in MI who asks.  Just email him at


  1. Nice fish! You should have hadmthat dude join us.

  2. I actually offered to put in a good word. We negotiated one free pass from the bosses sometime this year for a trip together but he would rather hit the salt. Hard to argue with the statement "Why would I waste a travel pass on carp when I live in MI?"

  3. Got the pass to hit Ypsi tomorrow morning...I'm going to cheat and blind cast into an area well chummed with corn...The mark to beat from last year is 28 lbs...

  4. My wife is from Michigan and we go up there quite a bit. Serious carp fishing up there. Awesome fish by the way.

  5. Miles can also be reached at


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