Sunday, May 29, 2011

Apathy of The One-dimensional One-species Specialist

For many years I have had a passion for catching anything and everything on a fly rod.  Words such as trashfish and bottom feeder have held no meaning for me.  Being told "you can't catch that on a fly" felt like a challenge even when it was just plain good advice.  In those years I caught 43 species on the fly and felt intense pleasure with every one of them. 

Yesterday I was out fishing with a friend and was stunned to discover just how far I have moved towards a one-dimensional one-species specialist.  Late in a fruitless outing we arrived at the same lake were there have been grassies tailing lately.  Either the carp gods were not with us or the low pressure front had put them down but there was nothing to be found.

No big deal.  This lake is an excellent LMB fishery.  Tie on any number of carp flies and work it blind and I almost guarantee a decent bass or two.  Unfortunately I found I had absolutely no interest.   Zero, zilch, nada.  When Mike caught a decent 14" LMB blind casting I could barely muster a twitch of the eyebrow and a smile.  I made a couple of half-hearted blind casts but for the most part the hook never left the keeper.

It has been 7 months since I have caught anything but a carp.  It has been 10 months since I could even muster up the energy to try.  It may be time to shake it up a little.


  1. Do what makes you happy and just fish

  2. Abaco...Cayo Serpiente beckons...

  3. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I was standing beside a perfectly respectable bass pond yesterday with fly rod in hand, and got back in my car and drove another hour to check out some carp flats.

    Guess it finally happened. We've all become carp snobs.

  4. @Jay: You poor sod. Have to talk about trout all day don't you.
    @Mish: Good advice.
    @Miles: Lets book it!
    @Ty: Carp snobs. That is hilarious. Except that I pretty much joined the warmwater revolution specicially because I couldnt stand trout snobbery!


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