Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sneaking Up On Sleeping Carp - Carp Ninja Style

Sometimes when fly fishing for Carp it seems that they know you are there before you do.  That they mystically sense your presence and intentions.  You begin to think the Carp are smarter, better smelling and even better looking than you are.  Time to watch this video from a couple of weeks ago to dispel any illusions that they posses super-fish powers.  I didn't just touch them with the rod, I had to whack them pretty good to wake them up!

The still-water season is officially here in CO.  I had 8 very good shots to nice sized Carp feeding in the shallows in half an hour at a local lake while my son was in Karate class this afternoon.  No love!


  1. Ninja carping -- I like it! Carp are definitely more of a "hunt", predator/prey experience, eh?

  2. That defenitely sums up at least some of the appeal. The only fishing I have done that is comparable in terms of the stalk is high country trout in small streams.


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