Sunday, February 13, 2011

ProtoFlies: Headstand worm

No time for fishing this weekend but I did have a little time to dink around with prototype flies.

I have heard from many people that they like the San-Juan worm or different variations of it for carp.  I experimented with the worm this winter without much luck (1 hook-up).  I think my main problem is that I lack confidence and quickly switch to a proven pattern.  Time to manufacture some confidence.   (Note: This picture is under-water in my sink looking down).  The fly will get a goofy name, a cleaner tie and some fine-tuning if and when it catches carp!  Otherwise it will sit in a box with all the other un-fulfilled dreams.

This is an attempt at a more durable worm that rides and falls hook-up.  As a matter of fact I tuned it to head-stand so the hook is about as far from bottom as you can get.  Hook is a size 8 caddis hook.  The tail is the leather from a red rabbit strip (for buoyancy) with the fur trimmed close and some additional red coloring from a red sharpie.  The body is just wrapped thread.  The head is stainless steel beadchain with 5 wraps of .025" lead IN FRONT of the beadchain.  Finished in 5 minute epoxy.

It did take some trial and error to get something I liked.  The best two were prototype 2 and 4, both of which will get their day in court.  Proto1 and 3 will get trashed.


  1. Looks very promising McTage. Check out The Wild Thing. It's 3D and very durable.

  2. Mr.P, Looks interesting. I commented on the post too, but what is the material?

  3. It is a small, red, rubber band. It is almost too simple. I have caught some fish on it but didn't make any other blog posts. I will this coming year because it does work. The way I tie it, it can't rest on the bottom without some part of the body sticking up.


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