Friday, February 18, 2011

CARPTORIOUS: The Worm And I Have Some Fun

I had a chance today to do some field testing with the worm pattern I was working on last week.  For the most part it did extremely well.  There are some issues and I think the final pattern will get some tweaks to increase the durability before it earns a name and goes on the favorite flies page but it can clearly catch fish.   

It was a perfect day to hit the river.  We had great weather all week with a falling flow and increasing clarity.  My hope was that a certain flat would load up in the afternoon with feeding fish.  I love it when a plan comes together. 

On the way between elevated scouting and my desired position I had an interesting conversation with a non-fishing passerby.  The conversation went something like this:  

Random Dude:  "What are you fishing for, Carp?"
Blithering Idiot:  "Shit-yes.  Me see feeders.  Polarized?  You look there, me go now."

Yes, a flat full of fish will turn me into a moron.  Not only am I fairly certain I was speaking in tongues but what dufus tells a complete stranger where a flat of feeding fish are?  80 year old granny walking the dog?  She could be under cover but probably safe.  Random dude wearing polarized?

I was in the spot and in action by about noon-thirty.  My new best friend the worm and I got off to a great start.  Poor lighting - deep flat - winter...whatya gonna do.  The worm knew what to do.  Get out there in front of some shadows and work it's way back near bottom smoothly and ever so slooooooowly on a tight line.  The worm and I were hooked up 3 times and home with a decent 25" fish by noon-fortyfive. 

Unfortunately that pretty much did for that flat.  The ruckus switched them off and despite giving it a good 45 minutes to settle down the fish never re-found that lovin feeling.  By 3:00 it was time to move on.  Past-time really.

The next section started promising.  I found a pod of 3 fish tailing almost immediately with full visibility.  I had switched from the worm.  Foolish man...the worm was my destiny today.  After a couple of shots they started to look uncomfortable.  It was time to move on, bring the worm off the bench and come back later before they totally freaked.

Just a little down-stream there was a pod of fish hiding in some shadows in moderate current.  I tried several times to drift the worm into them but it just wasn't working.  It was hard to tell but either they weren't feeding or I wasn't getting the drift.  Impatience set in and that poor worm found himself lobbed right in the middle of a pod of hungries.  Poor fella got carp-whacked before he met bottom.  A smaller fish but the hit was hard and the fight was fun.

It was about time to leave but the worm and I had some unfinished business.  Those tailers were back in action.  The worm was all warmed up and ready to go.  Finally the worm and I had the chance for a more visceral experience.  That which all fly-carpers live for.  The chance to clearly see a carp flash his tail, surge forward and ravage a well placed fly as it hits bottom.  Awesome.  This was a larger fish and a great way to end the day.   


  1. Very cool report. I tied up something similar to your "Test Article #2" proto-worm and it accounted for my only fish today. First carp of 2011 as a matter of fact. Thanks for sharing this pattern. I think it will be a killer this summer.

  2. That is awesome. Off the shnide for 2011! That is really great news. Sounds like GA may kick off pretty early.

    Did you use foam or leather for the tail and if so how did it hold up? The leather only did OK yesterday. It has much better action than the foam but after 3 hours and 5 hookups the thread had cut it half-way through where it was tied in. Gotta tie it in different. I may also need to adjust the weight a little as the leather loses just a smidge of bouyancy over time. Still goes hook-up but not always in a full head-stand.

  3. It was the foam tail. It held up fine on that one fish. Might be a different story with multiple hook-ups. I was thinking about keeping the foam but adding something to the tip for more action/movement. Maybe a wisp of marabou or something. Anyway, this a great carp fly. Really appreciate you posting it.

  4. Hello I am David from Spain

    Very goog blog, if you want I can put your blog in my section and you do the same?

  5. David,

    Me gusta su blog tambien. Muchos gracias google translator por me espanol es muy...muy...como se dice "pathetic?" Estudio en high school muchos anos ago.

    I will add it in with my cross-species blogs for now. Based on the international interest I think eventually I will add an international blogroll. The revolution knows no borders!


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