Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fly-Carpin Keychains

I am starting a small 3D printing service (The 3D Press) for fun and profit on a site called 3D Hubs.  In order to start get going I am going to have to start small....VERY small.  The site won't really send you orders until you have had some orders.  Additionally I will need to learn the process.

Therefore I am going to ask for some help from friends, family and fans of Fly-Carpin.  For those who are interested I will be offering a limited edition run of the following key-chain:

The first 20 people that download this file:  Offer is over!

And order it from this site:

Order a 3D Print

Will get it for $1.00 plus shipping and handling (~Cost).  After the first 20 it will default to the standard pricing which will be ~$15 to ~$20 dollars.  Tiny low-volume low-margin widgets is not exactly the market I will be chasing you see.

Some details when you order:

  • Don't worry about the initial price that the site quotes you - there is a step in the process where we adjust the price before you finalize the order.
  • Don't worry that the site cannot calculate the volume - it is not important for this transaction.
  • When it asks for Material please select Generic ABS.

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