Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Carp On The Fly On The SUP: Episode 2

In this episode of Carp On The Fly On The SUP, Chris Galvin got in on the action with a rented SUP.  It was his first time ever on a SUP - let alone fly fishing from one, and he landed a total beast of an 18b carp.  He also fell in in the process.  For the record I was laughing with him not at him.


  1. I think that those things, the rented ones at least, demand a surfer's agility and balance. I would be wary of a rogue jet skier. Chris did catch a nice fish for sure.


    1. They are'nt that bad. I still think we could put you on my catamaran version, although it would be nerve racking I am sure.


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