Sunday, August 17, 2014

Can McTage Even Cast?

Carp Caught On A Trouser Worm Carp Fly
A friend who knew Fly-Carpin before he knew McTage recently told me he used to wonder if I could even cast.  That blew me away at first, but upon reflection most of my posts and videos talk about getting close to carp.  Getting REALLY close.

No surprise there.  You see, I learned how to fly fish where the Rockies meet the sky.  We are talking dry flies upstream to rising trout on bamboo in 10,000 foot high creeks small enough to jump across.  It is a game of stealth, guile and finesse.  It is oddly similar to how I fly fish for carp on the fly, just on much smaller water for much much smaller fish.

I learned at a very early age that if I had more than three feet of fly-line out I was doing it wrong.  I learned to crouch, to crawl, to dink and dunk and dabble and bounce my fly off a grass bank and drag it into the seam.  I learned that sometimes they like it when your dry fly sinks or even makes a wake being dragged across the top.  I learned that pride has no place in fly fishing and that the ends justify the means and those lessons have never left me.

So the question hangs out there - can McTage even cast?  Beats me man.  Beats me.

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