Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Presenting the Fly to Carp: The Drag and Drop

The drag and drop presentation is one of the most important fly fishing for carp tools in my arsenal but some-how despite my best efforts I haven't adequately explained it.  Sometimes those things that are simple but oh so profound are the hardest to describe.  Hopefully this video does the trick:


  1. That video was awesome. Great details... Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mr P. Pretty sure you started draggin and droppin before it was cool

  3. Nice. I use the d and d quite a bit but find I have to be pretty careful with it. If the fish sees any part of the drag then the gig is up.

    1. Miles says that carp cal learn not to eat stuff dropping from the sky if they see it too much too.

  4. Great tutorial McT. The carp in my local pond seem to have learned not to eat flies falling down to them.

  5. Great video, I never thought about leaving slack on the fly. That's like the opposite of trout fishing.


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