Thursday, August 29, 2013

CarpSlam Alerts

A couple of alerts relating to carp-slam.  First of all the slam is next Saturday and if I understand the rules correctly tomorrow (Friday) is the last day to practice competition waters before the slam.

Second of all this is the last week to get yourself a Fly-Carpin "False Idols" t-shirt and I have dropped the price considerably.  I designed this myself and all proceeds from these t-shirts are going to be donated to DTU to benefit the Denver South Platte river.

I am not making a dime (quite the opposite actually) so get on over to ebay and show some support!

The t-shirts actually bring up an interesting point because some people might be curious how much money Fly-Carpin makes.  Well, lets see if I can add it up real quick -
  • The couple of ads - Free
  • Being a member of the guide directory - Free
  • All the how-to and flies and stuff - Free
  • The couple of articles I have written for other websites - Free
  • Proceeds from fly royalties: About +50 bucks.
  • Promotional expenses: - 350 bucks.
  • Other expenses:  -200 bucks.
  • Free gear:  Around +500 bucks.
So yeah, I figure Fly-Carpin is about dead even lifetime.  Unless I count all the work I have put in as an expense.  Hmmmmm.....Add the one.  Carry the three.  Geesh.  If I count that then Fly-Carpin is AT LEAST $30,000 dollars in the hole.  Its a damn good thing making money was never the point!


  1. That's what I told my boys essentially, find a job you would do for free. I did and consider myself lucky.


  2. When can I expect my rebate check?


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