Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Carp Fly Fishing Guides - Colorado

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Location: Denver Colorado
Website: Galvin Guiding
Waters: Denver South Platte River and surrounding stillwater fisheries
Other Species: Trout, Smallmouth
About: Chris Galvin is an extremely experienced trout guide and tournament competitor who started chasing carp on the South Platte years before it was famous and was the pro-champion of the 2015 Carp-Slam carp tournament.  Book with Chris and he will introduce you to one of the most famous fly fishing for carp fisheries in the country.

Location: Denver Colorado
WebsiteTrouts Fly Fishing
Waters: Denver South Platte and surrounding stillwater fisheries
Other Species: Trout, Smallmouth, Largemouth
About: "If you are interested in a fully guided fly fishing experience and want to specifically target carp on some of the best water the state of Colorado has to offer, look no further. The DSP is our home river and one of the most prolific carp fisheries in the US.  It only makes sense for us to have one of the most prolific and legendary carp anglers lead our carp and warm water program: Barry Reynolds!"

Location: Denver Colorado
Waters: Denver South Platte
Other Species: Trout, Smallmouth
About: "Want to learn how to fly fish for carp? We have you covered! Carp are an incredible fish to catch on a fly. They are not easy, but In The Riffle has the techniques and know how to put you on fish!"