Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure Swap Fly

Which fly do you think I should tie for the swap?  Vote now in the poll on the upper right hand side of the blog.  Of course if I don't like the answer I am going to just do what I want anyways.

Improved Foam Trouser Worm (Details Soon)
Primordial Carp Stew
Leather Trouser Worm
Primordial Crust
Something Odd and Experimental


  1. I voted for the foam worm for two reasons.

    1) I have heard you say what a pain that sucker is to tie, therefore I never would and my best shot of having another one (I lost the others) is through this swap.

    2) it is money on tailers.

    1. I think I have some of the details ironed out to make it a little less of a pain.

  2. John makes very good points. I like any of the first 5.

    1. Yeah, that last one is a stretch. Some folks knocked em dead with conceptually similar stuff last year Kevin.

  3. Replies
    1. Yup, you can count on Mas to figure out how to force a re-count. Can you hear the Secretary of State saying "I told you so"?

  4. My third vote was going to go to the McLuvin. I'll take either one as I'm sure they will both produce.

  5. I think I was the first to go McLuvin, or so said the %poll results. I just think it's attributes, tail+dubbing+hackle are too buggy.



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