Wednesday, December 19, 2012

McTage's McLuvin Carp Fly

I have been working on this fly since August of 2011.  The original goal was to have a fly that takes advantage of the positive attributes of the Trouser Worm without being  The Trouser Worm is so amazingly effective that I thought combining it's basic action with a cray-fishy profile could be a deadly alternative.

Initially, I wanted a bulky profile with this fly, but that just didn't work out.  Instead, after having success with several different iterations and getting trounced on others I have whittled the design down to a lighter, sparser and more delicate version of Option A in the video linked above.

This fly has the same unique rocking action as the Trouser Worm with a sparse but buggy soft-hackle profile.  The sparse profile and delicate micro-pine squirrel allow the fly to get down (particularly with a loop knot) without requiring too much weight and the base design of this fly will use a brass bead instead of tungsten.  This allows for a more delicate presentation in medium depths and/or moderate current.  It is probably slightly too heavy for long-range ultra-shallow still-water applications but will work at moderate range using indirect presentations such as a drag and drop.  It is also too light for heavy current, which will require substituting a tungsten bead.

It has gotten a very positive reaction on the Denver South Platte this fall, and has earned a name which will be "McTage's McLuvin".  Like the Trouser Worm, the McLuvin was specifically designed to be effective for virtually every presentation including a dead drop, twitch, sitting,  stripped or slow swimming.

McTage's McLuvin
Tying Instructions:

Materials List:
  • Hook:  Size 8 Tiemco 2457 caddis
  • Thread:  140 denier burnt orange Ultra-Thread
  • Bead:  3.25mm black brass bead
  • Eyes:  #6 stainless bead-chain
  • Tail:   Brown micro-pine squirrel
  • Body:  Rust Brown "Nymph Free-Range" Dubbing** (
  • Collar:  Small brown Hungarian Partridge
  • Head:  Pink Shrimp UV Dub

**At the time of this post I am not positive "Free-Range" dubbing is still available.  I am trying to confirm if the "nymph" dubbing listed on singlebarbed is the same stuff with a new name.  If not I will be on the hunt for a substitute.  Keith Barton at has confirmed, his "nymph" dubbing available for order at his online store is in fact the same thing as his famous "Free-Range" Dubbing.

Bathtub Video:


  1. Thats an extremely carpy lookin fly my friend. I'll have to tie some up before spring hits.

    1. Thank's Jason. Carpy is certainly the goal, good luck this spring.

  2. excellent, thank you..

    much like the Kwan saltwater fly, which can be a gobie, shrimp or a crab, depending on how you fish/squint at it.. I love these multipurpose flies.

    1. That key to my philosiphy. Put it under water and move it around while "squinting". Too often we hang up on whether a fly in a box at a shop looks exactly like a specifc food item without considering how it swims or looks under-water.

  3. Got to go where the heart tells you to go. Hmmm, I would still probably put the hair riding up on mine, but you can't argue with success! Good job McTage.


    1. That is the bueaty of rolling your own, you are free to re-interpret and put your own spin on anything! On this one my heart was wrong over and over and over until I conceded that something just a little different from what I WANTED to work actually worked.


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