Saturday, September 22, 2012

CarpPro PodCast on the CarpRoll

Dan Frasier from CarpPro (in transition from USCARPPRO) has a great new podcast about fly fishing for carp. 

Dan is doing a great job so far and this is the first carp on the fly specific podcast that I know of.  Tim "Fishman" Emery's Podcast series on fishexplorer was good and is missed but was only about 25% carp content.

The good news for me is that it worked to add Dan's feed to the CarpRoll.  I depend on the CarpRoll to keep me abreast of carp content so I should stay in the loop.

The first two episodes can be found here and feature John Montana (Carp on the Fly) and Erin Block (Mysteries Internal). Two people I respect and envy for different reasons. John of course because he catches more and bigger carp than I can dream of.   Erin because she not only catches carp on flies but can write in complete sentences forming complete thoughts.  Apparently effortlessly and always profound.  Totally unfair.  Me Jealous.

Incidentally I am not totally unbiased on the CarpPro / USCARPPRO front.  There will be more on that later in the week.  If my recent bout of writers block doesn't drive me crazy first.  Writing has been a creative struggle for the past month or so.


  1. I listened and learned, great stuff all the way around!


  2. excellent, thanks for sharing...

  3. Thanks for the good word, Trevor! And congrats on being pro staff!


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