Monday, August 27, 2012

And the stinky goes to.....

Here is Will Rice's write up on the Carp Slam.  I bodly predicted that it would be coming in my last post, I was correct.  To be perfectly clear this is a must read and is clearly in the running for the coveted stinky award for excellence in carp on the fly literature.  I made that up, there is no stinky award.  There should be and I hereby formally nominate.

Will spends a whole lot of time calling himself a net-caddy.  He makes me feel like a blog-caddy.

Incidentally we do have some real awards to give out.  The winners of the hats randomly awarded for excellence in donating to the Carp Slam via Fly-Carpin are:

Ty Goodwin (Finewater)
Matt Esson
Cory Stansbury
Brent Wilson (Uprising)
John Montana (Carp On The Fly)
Many thanks from me, DTU and the Denver South Platte to these and all the other donors!


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