Saturday, February 18, 2012

I am Taking Back My Carp Mojo Mojo JoJo

Ever since Sand Creek disgorged it's noxious brew I have been in a state of discord with my favorite river.  Nothing has felt right, nothing has felt well.

It have gone months without truly reaching the correct frame of mind.  The state of mind where predatory instinct supplants mind.  Where silence dominates the mental, spiritual and physical worlds.  Until it doesn't.  Until reality suddenly warps into the moment and the fog-horn sounds in your head and you set the hook and magically feel life at the other end.

As an extremely rational man I find it difficult to admit, but my love for fly fishing for carp seems nearly spiritual in nature.  My passion originates in the moment and that that comes before.

Tomorrow I plan a preposterous lie.  I will stop on the bank, make a sacrifice to the carp spirits and tell myself that the weather outlook is just fine.  That the flows are perfect.  That there is nothing unreasonable about catching carp in February.  Maybe myself will believe it and maybe it will even be true.  Either way I envision that the conversation stops there.  Nothing follows.  Until there is something.


  1. Yes McTage, I'd be in a state of discord myself. The thing that may help in the short term is spring floods carrying that crap away from your concern, and diluting it enough where it selfishly ends up to cause no problems. Anyway, I hope that repairing occurs sooner that later.


  2. It won't help. I went out yesterday and it sucked. Continue tying flies and wait for the lakes to thaw.

  3. Well yeah, the fishing wasnt great but I did like I finally fished well for the first time in a while. I did find several tailing fish but they laughed at my pitifull attempts. Had one on briefly and got a Koi (First I have seen in the river!) to chase twice. There was a bad slick in a low-water pool below sand creek. I will post the picture but it was as big as my bathroom.

  4. I figure the mojo is gained in the effort, in the going. So go, weather and flows be damned. Always go.

  5. Funny that you say so. Tommorow looks great from a daytime and really great from an overnight temps. I was going to take the day off but 20 to 30mph winds! Arggggghhhh.


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