Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today was the day.  Well, if you could work through the overcast skies and off-color water to find the fish it was the day.  If you could muscle a fly through the high winds and into the zone it was the day.  If you could then time the sluggish take it was the day.

With an overnight low of 45 and a daytime high of 53 I was expecting to find some happy fish.  To my surprise I only found 10 fish all day, but each and every single one of those fish was tailing!   

Given that every single fish I found in the river was feeding (a first for me) and that every holding spot I checked was completely empty this is my theory;  Every fish in the river was out on knee deep flats feeding today.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Actually it is more than a theory.  I am positive.  Given some sunlight and clear water to work with I think it would have been slay-hem may-hem.

Getting back to the point, remember those 10 wonderfully happy fish?  Well sometimes fly fishing for carp is a matter of odds. Two scattered to blown shots. Three more inexplicably ignored the fly. Four cleary took or tried to take the fly but I mis-timed the cold induced slow-mo takes and set early. 

But that only adds to 9 right?  Well, I managed slow down enough to stick an olive carp-stew into number 10 and that saved the day. Man I feel Carptorious, 2012 is finally looking up.   


  1. well, if that's not good news, I don't know what is.

  2. Very nice! What was the tasty morsel of choice??

    It's still a tad too cold here, but soon it's carp catchin time!

  3. Sweet! You don't know how I wish I had a RIVER accessible with carp here. That is great! Those who don't know carp-gotta feel sorry for them.


  4. Right on, McTage. All good from here on out. I know this is one long dark winter you'll be glad to put behind you.

  5. John and Mr P. - Not much longer and the big C will be rockin.
    Gone - Very good news, I feel great.
    BFA - Olive Primordial Carp Stew, size 6. And its a little too cold here again with 4" of snow over night!
    Gregg - Having a carp river available is defenitely a bonus.
    Ty - Says the MAN who is already in double digits for 2012.

  6. Way to go and glad you could cast in the hurricane force winds we have been having.


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