Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zack's Fly-Guy Fly

I have had a hard time with the blog since the oil spill.  The best part about blogging about something trivial like being obsessed about fly fishing for carp is exactly that.  In the grand scheme of things it is meaningless.  Lets face it, the only real profound thing about fly-fishing for carp is that in this country we have the time and freedom to obsess about ridiculous pursuits of passion.  

Then this pleasantly trivial blog had to actually go and accomplished something profound.  It has nearly ruined it for me.  I am about over it, truly profound is not what I signed up for.  I sat down to write a post about the disturbing amount of residual contaminant that Will Rice and I found scouting around the South Platte on Tuesday but I simply can't.    

Instead here is what my son and I did today.  We sat down and tied a fly together for no good reason beyond a sudden curiosity on his part.  He wanted an orange and red tail with a blue body and eyes.  He also wanted fins and even made me a diagram.  I was actually stumped on how to help him add fins.  I havent tried to add fins to a fly pattern in years.

He is old enough now that with a little help he was able to do most of the work with some help from Dad.  Pleasant big-picture triviality with a hint of personal import. 

Zack's Fly-Guy

Next summer we should be able to coax a trout or two from the kids pond at Tin-Cup with Zack's Fly-Guy.  For no good reason except that we can.


  1. I have a comment, way to go Zach, nice fly! That will catch at one time or another many species of fish, and blue is too often under rated. I'll never forget some of my boys' first creations, especially when they caught fish. Very, very cool!


  2. I let Zack know you liked his fly. That made him happy! Hope you have a happy new year Gregg!

  3. Nice. Well done, Zack!

    Personal import, indeed. Excellent post.

  4. Ty - Pretty soon I will set him up an assembly line to keep his poor old dad stocked up!


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