Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vegas in April??

Last night my wife got second in a quarterly poker tournament at our WPTL amateur poker league and won a seat in the 3 day yearly tournament in Vegas in April.  My first thought was that I need to work extra hard to win a seat too.  My second thought was that I needed to work extra hard to NOT win a seat.  I have heard bad things about fly fishing for carp around Vegas, but I have also heard some intriguing things.  Lake Mead?????..... 

FLY-CARPIN WINTER RESOLUTION #2:  Dig up the dirt on Vegas area Carp Fly Fishing.  Any and all help welcome!


  1. Lot's of great Carp ponds in Vegas!

  2. TD, I will trade in kind for any usefull intel...

  3. I did a bit of research when I went to Vegas a couple of weeks ago and Lake Mead is loaded with carp. I didn't dig too deeply since I was out there for work. I was afraid the temptation would be too much. There's a shop out there called Sin City Fly Shop or something like that. I would call those guys.

  4. Ty - Looks like a good place to start, thanks a ton!


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