Saturday, August 13, 2011

When Something Getting Broken is Just Cool

I just noticed that Will Rice has actually broken the dial on his Carp Slam competitor page donation meter!  That is very impressive and a heck of a good deed by him and all his supporters to benefit the Denver South Platte!

I find this fascinating because the organizers essentially decided they were going to empower all the competitors to be little mini fund-raisers for the cause.  I can't imagine they figured it would work out as well as it has but it is a great (and very creative) idea that similar organizations should take note of.  Power to the people!


  1. I heard it's actually all his own money, via a Bahamian acct, laundered through Tampa. Barely traceable.

  2. Good to know. That puts to rest the spitefull rumors that he has been spotted on a corner near Mile High station hoaring himself out for the cause in a pink boa, SIMMS waders and a Carp Slam tshirt.


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