Monday, August 1, 2011

We Have A Winner

The winner of the Carp Slam Donation Contest is John Montana from the blog Carp On the Fly.  The loot (15 Carp flies in a Days Worth fly box) will be in the mail any day now.  I even put myself on lock down and only threw in one unproven prototype.   

The Loot
In the NBA he would have had no chance.   Due to a generous donation he had a 1 in 3 chance and the numbers fell his way.  Eat your heart out David Stearn.  We at Fly-Carpin are neither subject to your lottery fixing shenanigans nor important enough that anybody would care otherwise.

This worked out pretty well and we earned $160 to benefit the South Platte.  I will leave out the names in case anybody cares about privacy but both the river and I are extremely grateful to:

John Montana (From Carp On The Fly)
Ty (From Finewater)
My Uncle
A friend at DTU
My Wife
My Mother-In-Law

Look carefully and it looks allot like grandma buying a bunch of nasty cookies she cant even eat on her diet just because she loves her grandkids.  Grandmas are the best and so are these people!


  1. That's a pretty good chunk of money for 15 flies. Great job!

  2. Dang that's a sweet looking box of flies.

  3. Not a bad chunk at all! Pretty happy, I was worried this would bring in like 5 bucks. Which would have made me sad because I am about as slow as they come tying flies. Should go out in the mail tommorow John.


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