Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kickin Babies (AKA Trout Fishing)

Yes that's right.  I actually caught a couple of 7-8" Trout in about an hour this weekend.  Back to my roots and all that since this one was caught within 20 feet of where an eager 12 year old caught his first trout 24 years ago!

Sometimes it is clear why I like Carp fishing so much.  There are so many parallels with the small high country stream fishing I grew up with.  In both cases you have no chance of catching a fish until you can sneak up on a fish.  In both cases it is frequently (but not always!) the case that the less fly line you have out the better.  And there is no doubt that both kinds of fishing are very visual in nature.  Of course the connection falls apart if you inspect it TOO closely since I have never even seen a 7" Carp.  They exist only in rumor and legend.

Mostly this weekend wasn't about fishing though.  Mostly it was about this:

The View Of Town From Our Family Cabin

The top of our big family walk.  Of course there were fish. "Chinese Dad Torture"

Miners Were Tougher Than We Are!
The mine-shaft.  Very old.  Very intimidating.

In Search Of Butterflies.

The family lap dog would repeatedly collapse in some shade and wouldn't move until she received luvin.


  1. Looks like a great time. Trout aren't so bad they help my ego recover after carp beat me down.

  2. I bet you feel a little dirty now.

  3. How could you have a bad time in a place like that? Looks beautiful.

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  5. Don't get me wrong, trout fishing is great and I had a great time but especially had fun with the family!

    I really do love the high-country dry-fly stuff since that is the only fly fishing for trout I really know. And the area around our cabin is undoubtedly the most beautifull place on the planet. After I had accidentally flung the 3rd or 4th trout over my head on the carp-reflex hookset I DID feel a little dirty though.

  6. The setting is beautiful McTage.


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