Sunday, July 10, 2011

CARPTORIOUS: Chasing Carp Tails

A couple of weeks ago something magical happened.  In what I will think of as the "Great Carp Bubble of 2011" all the carp in a local lake went absolutely, completely and totally on the feed.  Every second I was there in the last two weeks there were tailing fish wherever you cared to look.  On Friday this bubble culminated in a day where there was literally a half mile of shoreline with a tailing fish every 5 feet or so. 

Needless to say I did pretty good.  So good that I just had to take a break from shattering any and all personal records to capture some carp tail.  Enjoy.

I took my family to this lake on Saturday.  Armed with some bait and bravado I claimed there was no way in hell they would not catch fish this time.  As luck would have it the bubble seemed to have burst in the last 24 hours and the fishing was slow.  As we where packing up to leave I heard my wife utter calmly "There goes my pole".  This feisty little guy had yanked it in and was calmly swimming away.  I had to get a little wet before handing her the pole, but here is my wife's first carp!  She was thrilled.


  1. Great video! Haven't been able to persuade my wife to get out there. Admittedly haven't been trying too hard to persuade her though. Is that wrong?

  2. Even though you are 1,000+ miles away from me McTage, seeing those tailing Carp just makes me want to get up in the morning and drive to central WA and chase Carp on the Columbia. Tailing Carp are intoxicating!

  3. @TY - Defenitely should try and get her out there. Preferably when it is a sure thing so it is more about catching than fishing. That way it is just fun and you get less blank stares when all you can talk about is fishing.
    @Jim - Work has been awfull tough this week with visions of those fails fanning so gracefully flashing through my head.

  4. Nice, if you're catching them in that murk. I am doing something wrong. I'm going to have to experiment more.

  5. Kev, Actually I was absolutely killing them in that murk. Dont worry though it wasnt always that way. Last year I was really really struggling with it. Try a dark (olive or black) fly that doesnt sink TOO fast and maybe with a little flash. You have to present very close. Of course the really hard part is deciding if/when the take comes which is probably just down to experience.


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