Monday, March 28, 2011

The Mission

Well my wife is off to Berlin to visit a friend.  I am so extremely happy for her, it is going to be a great experience!  It doesn't hurt that as part of the deal I get to go fly-carpin the Columbia with John Montana from Carp On The Fly  in June!

This week I have several missions. 

Mission1:  My son is on spring break so I am taking off work for some quality father/son time.  Mission 1 is to take him carpin.  We will head to the store to get him a big-boy rod and some corn shortly.  He is 7 and has finally expressed some interest in fishing this winter.  He has caught a Carp, trout and gills but has never been particularly interested before.  I am very excited, and fortunately I know exactly where to go to get him into some juveniles.

Mission2:  Unfortunately Daddy is a little at a loss as where best to go to get himself into some bigguns.  My favorite ponds are working for babies and the river is undoubtedly an option - but I am sick of both!  I had an hour or two this weekend to scout a couple of my favorite small lakes and saw nothing.  I am sure that there are some isolated bigger fish moving up shallow here and there on the right lakes and slightly larger ponds but I have no clue where.  Zack has several 1hour activity sessions at Anderson Park in Wheat Ridge this week.  During those sessions my mission is to scout as many of the surrounding ponds, lakes and streams as I can.  Some I know a little.  Some I have yet to visit.


  1. Good to hear you're hitting up some lakes! They're starting to heat up more, the Platte is still a tad murky and slower fishing last week~

  2. The river has certainly slowed down noticably for me. Not sure if it makes much sense that the fishing there is better in January/February than in March but after my 2nd year of fishing March that is my impression. Maybe the variability in the weather just makes things harder to pattern.

  3. You will have a blast on the Columbia McTage. John is a great guy, he's fun to fish with, and he can catch Carp.

  4. You should join us for a day or two Jim. Still don't really have an itinerary but I am pretty sure we can find some fish!


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