Monday, March 7, 2011

McTage's Foam Trouser Worm Carp Fly

4/25/2013 - This post has been updated to reflect an evolved version of the Foam Trouser Worm.

This post details the Foam Trouser Worm, a later post will explain the leather version.

The standard San-Juan Worm may be a good carp fly.  It may even be a great carp fly, but I find it awkward to fish for carp and it lacks versatility for different presentations.  In order to have a better carp fly I wanted to improve on the standard San-Juan Worm in several major areas. 
  1. Fall, strip and sit hook-up.  A hook-down carp fly is just not natural.  The idea to go full head-stand came later.
  2. A fly with some decent action that can work on the drop, twitch AND strip as the circumstances dictate.
  3. A fly with some decent durability.
The Foam Trouser Worm and it's leather variant satisfy all these requirements..

  1. Hook:  Size 8 Scorpion Gaper.
  2. Thread:  UTC red waxed 280
  3. Bead: 3.25mm black brass bead
  4. Eyes: #6 Stainless bead-chain.
  5. Body:  15lb Red Amnesia Mono filament
  6. Tail:
    1. Uni Big Fly Thread, red
    2. Spirit river extra small glass bead
    3. 2.7mm black brass bead
    4. 14 1/16" thick, 1/8" diameter foam plugs made with a hole punch. 


  1. McTage,

    You're a friggin' genius. Already been catching some of these Georgia carp with your original foam headstand worm. That new segmented body is going to murder 'em. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. Thanks Dustin.

    Ty - I was going to abandon the foam until you caught those carp and posted about it.

  3. Hello, I´m David Romanillos and I´m follower you.
    Very good foam fly.

  4. After watching your posts I can say that you are very genius because it is not a easy task and everybody can not do that because it requires some skills and interest. If u are interested in carp fishing then u can do that if you are not interested then you can not do these kind of posting. And is a site that provides lots of carp fishing news, carp fishing articles, carp fishing tackle reviews.

  5. What a great concept, its wonderful to see something totally new in fly design, and I bet the Worm will work wonders on Trout also



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