Sunday, March 13, 2011

CARPTORIOUS: Fishing with The Mikes

I left my fishing connections in MI when my family and I moved back to CO a little over 3 years ago .  No big deal, there is something to be said for fishing alone right?  Solitude and all that.  Except fly fishing for Carp alone all the time starts to suck after a while.

Yesterday I took a friend Mike and his friend Mike down to the river to show them a couple of my favorite spots.  Ridiculous.  I can't even remember my own name most of the time.  Am I currently Tage, McTage, Trevor or Fly-Carpin?  Eventually I figured out that using Mike and Mikey works for them at least. 
Mike and Mikey Enjoying Some Un-Natural Beauty
I didn't catch a fish while we were fishing together.  No biggie, things went down just fine.  We walked up, I pointed them in the general direction of fish (All that is required, Mike is VERY experienced) and gave Mikey a foam worm.  Four casts later Mikey was into a fish with a nice visual take.  It was great to watch somebody else catch a Carp and I laughed out loud the whole time it was going down.  Good to not fish alone.

Smiles All-Round
We did not find any more quality shots the rest of the day and Mike had some stuff to handle at 3:00.  We did however find evidence of life at a local lake on the way back.  A week more of this weather and that lake will be producing! 

Watching somebody else catch a Carp was very cool.  Catching your own is fun too so when I got home and the family was out getting dinner there was only one option.  Hit the local ponds for a 1 hour quickie.  The worm was willing, the carp were game.  A week from ice-out and there were tailers all over the place.  According to the 4 Carp I got to know they currently want the fly dropped within about a foot of their nose with no twitch and no action.  Who am I to disappoint.

Some Carp, some friends, nice day.  Get out there...things are moving fast!


  1. I like this ... looks like the L.A. River, just needs more graffiti!

  2. I agree. Most of your pictures from LA look kinda familiar in an odd sorta way. We dont have any of the aqueducts but the areas you show that look like a weird mixture of urban and nature are very simmilar.

  3. Man.. I still have at least a good week or two before ice out =(

    Like the blog! +1

  4. We had a totally awesome mild winter in CO. Everything is probably about 3-4 weeks earlier than last year here. Two more weeks seems like allot but it will be there before you know it!


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