Friday, January 28, 2011

CARPTORIOUS: Boom-Boom Firepower, 2 for 4

I wasn't even supposed to be out fishing today.  I had a Dad's day at Zack's school until 9:30.  It was fun and he loves that stuff.  When I got home to go to work my wife reminded me it was going to be 60degrees today and that I should take the day off and go fishing.  What can I say, she is a bad influence!  Or a great influence since I went 2 for 4! (Sorry, no pics, I forgot my camera)

I was at the river by 10:00.  The water was still up and off color in the section I have been doing so well in and I couldn't find the fish.  I think I had one decent shot and blew it so eventually I moved downriver to a new section with a possible big-fish run I wanted to try.  It would involve blind-casting to deep water (approx 3-4 feet) with intense current but I figured it was worth a shot. 

I hooked 2 medium sized fish pretty quickly in a semi-slack side eddy with an olive Carp-Stew.  60deg weather makes a big difference in the quality of the battle!  At first I thought that they MUST be foul-hooked to be kicking my butt in January.  No, I got a good look and both were fair.  Unfortunately I haven't had to worry about carefully setting the drag lately because the fish have been cold-wimps.  I had been careless and it was too tight so I lost both fish.  You would think I would figure it out after the first fish wouldn't you.

I gave the spot a rest for half an hour and moved over to the other side.  It was a quicker tougher drift from this side but I didn't feel like I was getting to where the big fish would be.  I switched to a Jaime's Krazy Carper VERY heavily weighted with lead dumbells and started in with a slight up and across drift with light strips and the occasional mend to slow it down.  On the 4th cast I hooked the monster of the the dorsal.  I am sure it was over 30" but I intentionally pulled the fly out.  Bummer.  On about the 12th cast I hooked up hard and was fair into a nice 27" fish.  This was my best battle since August at least.  What a difference 60F makes.

After that fish I spent another couple hours blind-casting but eventually it was about 3:30 and time to go.  the route back to the car passes a really big hole.  One of the biggest and deepest sections on the river.  It holds very large fish but I have only ever found them in spawning, sulking or hiding-deep mode so I usually ignore it.  Not today.  I happened to glance over as I passed and there were at least 20 large fish tailing just on the deep side of a sand bar.  I have never seen that many fish tailing at one time on the Platte.  Never. 

I ran up to the next ford, crossed and moved down into position.  By some freak of lighting I could see shadows well enough to pick the head from the tail but I was screwing up left and right.  This section is so large and deep that it is nearly a still-water and after 4 months of fishing current I was jacking up the presentation.  Too heavy of a fly, too hard of a cast, too close, too far etc. etc.  Eventually I switched to an Egan's Headstand to lighten the splash and finally started some decent lob-drag-drop presentations (I will blog on this method at some point) followed with small 2" intermittent strips.  I couldn't see them well enough to visually detect  a take so I was careful to maintaining contact with the fly and when the take came it was like a hammer-blow.  After the second great battle of the day I beached another 27" carp and headed home.  What a great day!


  1. Bring your lob-drag-drop to portland. Heavily used technique out here.

  2. For anybody who hasnt visted John's blog:

    John has invited me to Portland this summer. I think I am going to need more than just the lob-drag-drop against those monsters. I am thinking dynamite.

  3. Sounds like a great day. Oh, and maybe buy your wife some flowers, "take the rest of the day off and go fishing", doesn't sound like a bad influence to me at all.

  4. Love the lob, drag, drop and yes... 60 degrees is nice. Hey, if you ever get west come fish with us on the prairie ocean of Oklahoma - some game carp here.

    Good fly fishing to you.


  5. I actually went to OU. Class of 97. It's too bad, I hadnt even heard about carp-on-the fly yet back then. Hit up some bass and gills in dirty-bird lake but thats about it.

    Thanks for visiting and I will check out the blog, and who knows maybe I will make it back to OK some day!


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